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This website was designed with an aim to connect with people passionate about exploring new media, debating on contemporary journalism practices, new forms of audience engagement in news production and global media landscape. 

In August 2019, I presented a study "Journalism practice in a digital age: Utilization of social media in online news" at the AEJMC annual conference which took place in Toronto, Canada. This research is the result of another fruitful cooperation with my friend and colleague Dr. Ivana Cvetkovic.

Honored for receiving the outstanding dissertation award from the College of Communication and Information, University of Tennessee-Knoxville. The title of my dissertation is "Uses and Gratifications of Digital Media: The Case of Live Blogs."

I am very proud that I had the opportunity to present one of my live-blog studies at the International Communication Association conference that took place in Prague, Czech Republic. The title of my study was: "Gratifications of Digital Media: What Motivates Users to Consume Live Blogs."

About me

My name is Mirjana Pantic and I am a media scholar, award-winning journalist, and educator. 

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media, Communications, and Visual Arts at Pace University, New York.

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If you have a question about my work on an article, feel free to leave a comment, share your ideas, or just say hello. 

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